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Lewes DE project

We will do harbor and near-shore reconnaissance at Lewes from Sunday 27 September through Saturday 10 October.  The targets date from colonial and Rev War through early 20th century.  On the weekend of 3 - 4 October we will be pierside for U. Delaware's Coast Day and Lewes' Boast the Coast.  We might also do a field school.  Free dorm rooms might be available at Cape Henlopen State Park.  If you are interested in participating please use the contact link or email david.howe@maritimehistory.org.


IMH field school

Our first field school in low-viz reconnaissance was held on 15-16 and 22-23 September.  Nine students attended.

The course included a day and a half on shore to cover basic material and to practice site mapping techniques, two and a half days on the water to run sidescan sonar search lanes and map several wrecks, and completion of a Maryland Historical Trust site report on one of the wrecks.

Sipriz at Tall Timbers

Geert van der Kolk, a friend of IMH, had a traditional Haitian fishing sloop built at Ile la Vache last year, sailed her from Haiti to Florida, displayed her at a museum in Palm Beach, then brought her to DC for display at American University, all to publicize the plight of the Haitian people generally and the boat people specifically.  She is now at Tall Timbers, pending donation to a maritime museum.  Pictures and story at http://web.mac.com/geertvanderkolk/iWeb/homepage/English.html



Roper is back!

She safely returned from St. Augustine on Friday, 7 August.  The folks at LAMP worked her hard and took very good care of her.  She is fully operational for the upcoming field school in the Potomac.

We might take her south again next year for another session, perhaps with some modifications -- including better stowage on deck and below, and a small derrick for lifting more ballast from the site LAMP is working.

Used dive gear

Long-time friend Townie Burden just gave IMH a lot of used gear, including wetsuits, drysuits, hoods, booties, BCs, and accessories.  Some of it is almost new, but some is pretty salty.  The suits are small, medium, and extra large.  We will keep some as loaners, and sell some.  If you are interested, contact david.howe@maritimehistory.org.

He also gave us a Fisher Pulse 8-X underwater metal detector.  We will keep that for use in the field, not sell it.  Sorry!


IMH summer intern

Remy A. Pohl, a diver and high school senior from Hastings NY, will spend the next three weeks living aboard the IMH houseboat at Tall Timbers and doing as much field work as possible and as much data entry as he can stand.  He is on facebook.

Recent major underwater finds

National Park Service awards $1.3M in battlefield protection grants

The Maryland Department of Planning received $78,000 to identify and assess naval engagements of the Revolutionary War and War of 1812 in Maryland.  Work will include collecting baseline data at six engagement sites to build future planning and management efforts, including National Register nomination for eligible sites.

For other details see http://media-newswire.com/release_1093643.html.

Field school in u/w recon and low-viz mapping

IMH will hold a four-day field school in underwater reconnaissance by sidescan sonar, and site mapping in low-visibility water.  Tentative dates are 15-16 and 22-23 August 2009.

The school will be based at Tall Timbers MD.  It will comprise one day ashore and one day afloat, for divers and non-divers, and two days in the water mapping two wrecks in the lower Potomac (divers only).

Space is limited, but some slots are still available.  If more people sign up than we can accommodate, we will offer it again later in the year.

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