2013 fieldwork: Quantico

Please see attached .pdf report

2013 fieldwork: Mt Vernon

Please see attached .pdf report

Something completely different

The St Mary's River Watershed Association has asked IMH to lay six to eight mounds of hollow concrete reef balls as part of their oyster restoration project.  Each mound would comprise 31 to 37 balls.  Each  ball weighs about 350 pounds, so that makes approximately 42 tons to move.  We can handle the balls easily with Roper's davit, one at a time.  We probably can carry and deploy six or more balls on a trip, so the whole job would take perhaps 40 trips over two weeks -- mostly weekdays, som

St Mary's River project summary

See attached .pdf file

IMH fieldwork schedule, 2013

2013 fieldwork schedule:
February & March --
  sidescan sonar training on weekends
  boat maintenance on weekdays
April --
  dive & map sites in Potomac River or
    Chesapeake Bay on first 2 weekends
  boat hull and engine work after 11 April
May --
  boat hull and engine work until 9 May
  underway 11 May for Georgia and Florida
  scan sites in Georgia
  arrive St Augustine FL on 25 May
June --
  LAMP field school in FL
  17th century site in MD

Andrew Doria reconnaissance project

A copy of the report on our third field session (Sept.-Oct. 2012) is attached.  I hope we can go back in the spring and continue work.

St. Mary's River project update

Scott Tucker is investigating this site as part of his doctoral work at the University of Southampton, England.  Scott has summarized the project and posted photographs on his blog at

Fort Elfsborg project report

An interim report on progress so far is attached.

another project for 2012, small to start

The Continental Navy brigantine Andrew Doria (sic) was a former merchant brig that was purchased by the Continental Congress late in 1775 and sas rerigged and converted to a warship at the Humphreys shipyard in Philadelphia.  She fought in the battles of Block Island and Nassau, received the first international salute to the American flag from the Dutch at St.

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